24 Hour Resolution


I don’t write New Year’s resolutions. Not for over 25 years now.  I made plenty of resolutions before then, but they were resolutions with plenty of words but with neither action nor commitment.  They seemed like good ways to put the past to bed and arise on January 1st of the new year with, well, resolve.  I stole from the self-help book du jour.  They were good resolutions, well intentioned, not overly ambitious but promising to be pay dividends:  get to the gym more; read more;  eat more protein, fewer carbs; be more frugal.

And the resolutions would have a short shelf-life.  Maybe they would life with me through January.  Perhaps to Valentine’s Day.  Rarely would my resolutions see the light of the Spring Equinox. I’m human, after all, and a life-time of steadfast, sheer willpower-driven resolve is hard to sustain.

So I stopped writing resolutions for the new year.  I shifted to daily commitments.  I guess, in essence, I resolve to live each 24 hours to the best of my ability.  To live these next 24 hours with integrity.  To live these next 24 hours a little less selfishly, a little more selflessly.  To live these next 24 hours with a little more God-consciousness (Christ-consciousness, Divine Mind, Buddha Nature), a little less self-consciousness.

I’m human, after all, and if my reflection at the end of the day predictably reveals my humanness, then I get another chance, tomorrow, at sunrise.


One Response to “24 Hour Resolution”

  1. I like the idea of a daily commitment that you can revise, edit, and rewrite. How very writerly of you.

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