About Family, Family History, and Proximity

My childhood home was at the north end of Colorado Springs. Not the Historic Northend as some of the new street signs read. Further north than that.  Where Cascade Avenue basically came to an end cutting through fields of yucca and prickly pear cactus and few trees.  The north end. Nothing really historic or glamorous about it.  Just the outskirts of town.

I grew up bordered by my father’s family.  Aunt Millie. Aunt Mary.  And when I was still a baby, Grandpa Nick and Grandma Eva.  Aunt Dorothy — who had married my Uncle Steve.  For some reason, a reason I hope to discover or at least hypothesize in this current writing project, all of the Puzick clan stuck together and carved out a little niche of four households barely a half a mile apart.  Not only within walking distance, but, if the wind was blowing right, within shouting distance of each other.

Not so with my mother’s family.  She and her siblings — two brothers — spread out from their South Dakota and Wyoming childhood homes and pursued their independently from one another.  Reunions with them seemed special because the times together were infrequent.  Cousins were born and got so much bigger since the last time we saw each other.  Little kids grew into teens then adults.

So we had this great and immediate proximity to the Puzick side of the family.   Not so much with the Wertenberger side, my mother’s side.  And so with this proximity we knew the Puzick story.  The coal mining side.  The immigrant Serbian side.  The German side was distant.  Less intimate.  Overshadowed.

And the richness of a family tapestry cannot be fully seen in the threads of one texture.  And so this writing project is the other thread.  to be continued …


5 Responses to “About Family, Family History, and Proximity”

  1. John Greusel Says:

    You should chase down your Wertenberger family and the Greusels!

    • John Greusel Says:

      Vince, google Nicholas Greusel Aurora, IL. That’s your gr gr grandfather. You bear a resemblance to him. He was quite a guy.

      • Hello! Thanks for commenting and thank you for the name. He does seem like quite an interesting person in the family tree. I do have some of the Wertenberger family tree…I will need to research more.

  2. John Greusel Says:

    We have a FB page called Greusel family Past and Present. You can request to join if you care too- lots of Greusels and Greusel descendants there. Here’s Nettie (Greusel) Wertenberger’s Findagrave page. https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=53007685 . She would be my gr aunt.

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