My daughter blossomed in the spring semester of her senior year. Her friendships with her high school girlfriends deepened. She took on a variety of creative projects: some arts and crafts kind of things, rejuvenated interests in music, and a new sense of independence. Interesting thing is … she finished her high school requirements in December so ended her high school experience, then, too.

As she sat with her graduating class at the World Arena, she beamed.  She had accomplished a lot — particularly considering that she faced some challenges not necessarily unique to her but also not like many in her graduating class. She persevered through those challenges and, with the support of friends and caring adults at Palmer High, she grew through them.

But I had to stop and reflect a bit considering this new-found creative energy and a more effervescent life. Was it just the new freedom of not having the time-bound constraints of a school day?   Or was it that the time spent in school had washed out some of that creative energy and effervescence?


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